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Student Life

The calendar is dotted with events ranging from game and movie nights to outdoor picnics, a blockbuster Christmas bazaar, sports days and ski trips, talent shows, excursions, school dances, concerts, and an eagerly awaited annual study trip to Germany in Grade 8.

Events and field trips provide opportunities for students to learn more about a specific subject covered in class. Other excursions have a team building and character-development dimension. All serve, at some level, to develop in the students a deeper understanding about themselves, their role in society, and the world we live in.


Take a look at our excursions and school trips:

In general: Subject-related visits of events such as theatre plays or musical presentations form part of the curriculum and are to be carried out as such.

Grades 1 - 4
One winter sports day and three full-day excursions.
Grade 1
  • A sleep-over at school.
Grade 2
One night at the Ecomuseum, the Biodome or a similar location.
Grade 3

  • One night at a youth hostel/camp.
Grade 4

  • Two nights in a youth hostel/camp.

In addition to the activities mentioned below, each grade may go on up to three half- or full-day excursions per school year (e.g. museum, Goethe Institute, theatre, concert, hiking and similar activities).

Grades 5 - 12
  • One winter sports day and three full-day excursions.
Grades 5 and 6

  • A ski trip within Quebec.
Grade 7
A field trip in September up to three nights encouraging the development of social skills.
Grade 8

  • Trip to Germany (11 days).
Grade 9 & 10
A 3-day city trip to Quebec City, Ottawa, New York or Boston.
Grade 11

  • Study trip to a destination in Europe or North America.
Grade 12

  • One trip up to three nights to the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford.

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