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E-learning at AvH - what does that mean?

Our e-learning program has been up and running continuously since March 17, 2020, when the school was forced to close down due to the pandemic. It was made possible because the AvH school community had already prepared for this new phase of teaching in good time and with sufficient foresight.

The continued operation of the e-learning program is based on:

- Differentiated offers depending on the grade level:

o High school: Homeschooling via MS Teams incl. video chats, differentiated task formats, work as individual/partner/group, individual teacher feedback

o Primary school: daily work packages and videos 

o Preschool/Kindergarten: activity and learning kits 2-3 times a week on a specific topic, video meetings

The program’s high quality is guaranteed through:

- Continuous process evaluation and adaptation to new needs and challenges

- Teaching staff receive training (assessing the learning progress, communicating via video circuit, test creation, feedback, emotional and affective components, etc.)

- Online exams for grades 10-12, in coordination with the German authorities

- Exam substitutes for grades 5-9

- Recognition of final exams such as the DIA (German International Abitur)

- Compliance with the curriculum

- Maintaining class communities and students‘ social contacts through team meetings