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Alexandra Krallis, 2011

Alexandra Krallis joined AvH in Kindergarten and graduated from Grade 11 in 2011.  Armed with a trilingual AvH education, she went on to John Abbott College for a DEC in Honours Science, completed a Bachelor of Science at Bishop’s University (in English) and is currently finishing a Masters degree in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (Telomere research) at Université de Sherbrooke (in French).  During her post AvH career, she has gone to Buenos Aires in an exchange program to study Spanish, completed two internships at Abbvie Pharmaceuticals in Ludwigshafen, Germany (in German) and travelled throughout Europe and South America.

Alexandra was born and raised in a predominantly anglophone suburb of Montreal, with one parent of German descent; the language at home was English, however, and she credits her opportunities to hard work and her AvH education, which taught her to learn critically in a multilingual environment. 

Alexandra is now completing her thesis work in London, UK and her next step will take her to work in Germany.  Alexandra is in close contact with her AvH classmates, some of whom still count as her closest friends.