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International Student Program

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Attention: Due to the pandemic, requirements have been tightened; see link. All guest students need a Canadian study permit to visit a school for a half year (5 months) or for a school year (10 months). The application for a study permit takes about 20 weeks

German-speaking high school students

AvH offers a program for students in grades 9 to 12 who would like to attend a German International School for either 5 or 10 months. Students join AvH from Germany, Switzerland or Austria and from other schools who are part of the global network of German Schools Abroad (i.e. Mexico, Spain). Since the curriculum at AvH is largely based on the German curriculum (land of Thuringia), experience has shown that guest students do not have any problems after returning to their home school. Suitable grades for a guest school year or school semester are grades 9 and 10. Since grade 11 is already part of the qualification phase for the Abitur, a guest school year in grade 11 is only possible in exceptional cases and after special review on the part of the AVH and the KMK (Kultusministerkonferenz). In grade 10, all subjects relevant for the introductory phase are taught - French is a compulsory subject and history is taught in grade 10 as 'History of Quebec and Canada' in English. 

Abitur in Canada (‘DIA’)

AvH is the only German school abroad in Canada (G-8 school) whose students can take the German International Abitur (DIA) examination after grade 12. This diploma is recognized not only by universities in Germany, but by almost all universities worldwide. Guest students must complete at least the last two school years (grades 11 and 12) at AvH to take this examination. A stay in grade 12 only is therefore not possible.


Understandably, guest students are eager to get to know the new country. They want to experience Canada and improve their language skills. Quebec is a Canadian province with French as its official language, but English also plays an important role. Both languages are therefore very prominent in the curriculum and are taught from grade 1 onwards. Students speak mainly English outside of class, less often French.


Our students live with Canadian families where they can learn and live foreign languages in a family environment; the school will assist in finding a suitable match. A short introduction letter in English (or French) with photo is required. The monthly rate for accommodation and meals is paid directly to the host parents (currently approximately $950 per month).

Application Process

Interested students must apply at least six months before their planned stay, providing copies of the last two report cards and an application letter. Adequate knowledge of English is a prerequisite, knowledge of French is desirable. In addition, each applicant must take entrance tests in mathematics and in the languages (depending on the country of origin) in English, French and German. After a positive decision on the part of the school, the application documents and the processing fee are due (see guest student tuition fee schedule).

Guest students in Canada require a study permit to attend a school. AvH works with an immigration consultant to obtain this permit. He is the formal legal link between the guest student's family, the Canadian host family and the local authorities. For the duration of the stay, international health insurance is mandatory.

If you have questions, please contact Ms. Birgit Siemers:
Tel. +1-514-457-2886, ext. 221
Email: siemers@avh.montreal.qc.ca