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Steering Committee


Pedagogical Quality Management: Steering Committee at AvH

Schools are organisms living through constant change and evolution, and this fact is especially true for schools abroad where students, parents and teachers come and go frequently. To ensure the effectiveness and productiveness of new developments against the backdrop of continuous change, members of the school community must assume responsibility in the following areas:

  • Objectives defined in the AvH school program
  • Implementation of the quality framework as prescribed on a federal and state level for German schools abroad
  • Evaluation reports of the BLI Inspection
  • Development of various measures as a result of previous assessments
  • School-specific procedures for quality improvement

Coordinating and organizing new ideas and development processes, as well as monitoring the implementation of both new and proven concepts is essential to successfully pass several imminent assessment procedures, and above all, to have the school evolve according to defined guidelines.

As a rule, the steering committee comprises of six members:

PQM coordinator and a representative of the following groups: board of directors, school administration, teaching staff, parent council and student council.

The steering committee’s goal is to coordinate various development processes with a view to the school’s specific guiding principles and to ensure compliance with quality standards applied to all German schools abroad.

In spring 2012, AvH was awarded the seal “Excellent German School Abroad” after the BLI inspection, in recognition of what has been achieved to date. However, this evaluation also identified certain issues in need of action. Even after the 2017 peer review, development priorities became clear. As a result, the steering committee is focusing on the following key development areas for the next 2018/2019 BLI inspection:


  • In-class differentiation
  • Linguistic competence in German
  • Group dynamics and social skills