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Our Mission

We are AvH

We are AvH!

AvH is committed to the principles of democracy and strives to educate students with a view to tolerance, respect for others, as well as learning and acting on their own authority.

We are a community!

We are a community!

At AvH, the work of all involved is defined by mutual trust and cooperation, fostering a positive environment and a sense of community.

We are a community!

We are citizens of the world!

AvH perceives itself as a bridge between different cultures providing for an international student body. Of special importance is the teaching of three languages, German, English and French.

We are a community!

We are explorers!

AvH is an institution of general education, geared to impart knowledge and skills in the fields of languages, sciences, social sciences, and the fine arts.

We are a community!

We are artists!

AvH supports and organizes cultural events for the school community and for the general public.

We are a community!

We are athletes!

AvH pays particular attention to the well-being of the entire school community by offering a variety of sports activities, encouraging students to follow healthy nutrition and to learn about addiction prevention.

We are a community!

We are environmentalists!

AvH educates students to be environmentally conscious, to use available resources responsibly and to respect life.

We are a community!

Our basic principles for good teaching

Experienced teaching staff, varied classroom methodology, extra-curricular programs and modern facilities ensure a high level of quality. Students are encouraged to develop their talents and skills to their full potential and supported where they have difficulties. AvH strives to convey the importance of life-long learning, itself being a „learning" school where quality management as well as the evaluation and professional education of its staff are part of the process.